Detailing Towels Microfiber Wash Mitt | Black/Steel Grey | 10" x 7"

Detailing Towels Microfiber Wash Mitt | Black/Steel Grey | 10" x 7"
Weight: 0 lbs 11 ozs
When it comes to a wash mitt, this one checks off all the boxes, making it the best microfiber wash mitt for your car!
Price: $9.99
Product Details
  • Made from lint-free, scratch-free microfiber chenille.
  • Safe and effective on all surfaces.
  • Holds a generous amount of sudsy, soapy water to gently wash away dirt and grime.
  • No cuff design allow this to be used as a wash mitt or wash pad.
  • Dual color technology makes it easy to keep track of which side to use on upper vs lower sections.
  • Sewn interior seem for comfort and control.
  • Specifications:
    • Size: 10" x 7"
    • Weight: 1400 GSM
    • Blend: 80/20 (Polyamide/Polyester)
    • Made in China
Detailing Towel's Microfiber Wash Mitt checks all the boxes when it come to the features you want in a wash mitt! It's super soft with a dense construction that holds a ton of soapy suds while you are washing. It easily releases dirt when rinsed and has no cuff or tag to worry about scratching your paint. We even added our dual color technology so you can easily keep track of which side you use on each section.

This wash mitt is made from lint-free, non-scratch microfiber chenille that holds a generous amount of sudsy water to gently washes dirt and grime away from vehicle surface. The plush and thick microfiber is safe and effective on all exterior surfaces including paint, glass, plastic and chrome. Once you have completed washing a section, the wash mitt will easily release the dirt and grime into your rinse bucket. 

Its easy to hold design allows you to use it as a wash mitt, with your hand inside, or as a wash pad with your hand outside. With no exposed cuff you can safely wash your car using it like a wash pad! 

To improve comfort and control we added a sewn interior seem. This improves hand comfort and prevents the wash mitt from slipping off.

Our dual color technology allows you to easily remember which color to use on specific sections of the car. We like to use the steel grey side on the top sections and the black side on the lower sections and wheels. We opted for the lighter shade of grey on the wash mitt so you could easily see dirt and grime build up. This makes it easier for you to rinse all that grime off the mitt.

We prefer microfiber over wool wash mitts due to the ease of maintenance. With wool wash mitts you need to wash it along with combing and brushing it to keep the wool from knotting up and free of embedded debris. With the Detailing Towels Microfiber Wash Mitt all you need to do is wash it and allow it to dry before it's ready for its next use!

How to wash your Microfiber Wash Mitt:
  1. For a quick cleaning, wash by hand with a mild, clean-rinsing soap and make sure to rinse well.
  2. Machine wash with warm water using a microfiber specific detergent. Tumble dry on the lowest dryer setting available or allow to air dry.
Note: If the interior lining of your wash mitt is compromised (torn or punctured) do not machine wash. Once the foam padding has been exposed, certain aggressive washing machine agitators could shred the foam. Making a mess of your entire load!

Qty: 1 (10" x 7" Mitt)