Zirconite Guarantee

A ZIRCONITE COATING Warranty is only valid if applied at an Authorised Zirconite Centre and by a Qualified Technician.

The Warranty will be void if the owner does not return the vehicle annually (and within 30 days of the annual treatment anniversary) for inspection and maintenance to an Authorised Zirconite Centre. If on inspection and within the warranty period, there is a noticeable overall or panel specific colour fading of the exterior paintwork or degradation of the gloss finish of the exterior paintwork, this warranty entitles the vehicle owner to have the vehicle fully re-treated free of charge. This re-treatment is the maximum limit of the warranty offered and cannot be substituted for cash or goods in any form.

This warranty is void in cases of alteration/modification of the vehicles painted surfaces, stone chipping, bird droppings, insect fluids or similar, vandalism and owners negligence. Metal plated trims including chromium and alloy areas are not covered by this guarantee.

Transfer of Warranty: This warranty is transferable on private re-sale of the vehicle: the remainder of the warranty period being from the date of original treatment. The new owner must register within 30 days his/her interest with an Authorised Zirconite Centre.

This Warranty does not cover any area of the car that is repaired or replaced as a result of an accidental damage unless those areas are immediately treated (at the owner’s cost) with Zirconite at an Authorised Zirconite Centre and by a fully Qualified Technician. Vehicles presented for initial treatment where body panels have been repainted will only be fully warranted at the sole discretion of the Treatment Centre.

This Warranty is dependent upon annual inspection and maintenance and the vehicle should only be washed with pH neutral car shampoo. This Warranty specifically excludes marks made by stone chippings, bird droppings and insect remains or scratches from the use of an automatic car wash. Paintwork defects caused by bird droppings/lime* and the long-term effects of acid rain/ industrial pollution (fall-out) can be mitigated by cleaning the vehicle as soon as practical after the deposit is evident, with pH neutral shampoo). Use clean sponges, cloths and leathers. Wilful neglect will invalidate this warranty.

* Bird droppings must be removed within 48 hours of being deposited.

OEM – Manufacturing defects. The Warranty excludes Manufacturer paint defects. This Warranty is in addition to, and does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. In the unlikely event of your treatment centre’s closure, please contact Concept Chemicals (detailes overleaf) who will direct you to your nearest alternative Treatment Centre.



With Annual Inspection
10 Years                               
Without Annual Inspection
4 years