SurfACE P-15 XTRA One-Step Compound - 250 ml

SurfACE P-15 XTRA One-Step Compound - 250 ml
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A one-step compound to remove medium-heavy defects while delivering a mirror-like high gloss finish!
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Product Details
  • A one-step compound that removes medium-heavy defects.
  • Leaves a high-clarity, deep gloss finish.
  • Cuts fast and offers a long working time.
  • Use with your favorite polisher, DA or rotary, and favorite pads, foam or lambswool.
SurfACE P-15 XTRA One-Step Compound speeds up your detail by removing defects quickly while delivering a mirror-like high gloss finish! This one-step compound allows you to remove medium-heavy defects leaving a high-clarity, deep gloss finish. P-15 benefits from a unique micro abrasion and lubrication system for fast cutting while offering a long working time.

Using the latest DRA™ (Dynamic Response Abrasion) technology which is unique to SurfACE, P-15 cuts fast to remove medium-heavy defects and finishes down to a protection ready finish. You can use P-15 with your with your favorite polisher, rotary or DA, and your favorite pads, foam or lambswool, to quickly and permanently remove scratches, swirls and oxidation from all paint finishes. 

P-15 is silicone and filler free so it's a safe choice for body shops or detail shops. It is easy to work with and easy to clean up!

How to use SurfACE P-15 Xtra:
  1. Set your DA polisher to speed 4-5 or your rotary polisher to 1000-2000 rpm.
  2. Apply 2-3 dime sized drops to you pad.
  3. Work the surface using medium pressure (10-15 pounds) until the scratches and imperfections are removed.
  4. Reduce pressure and allow the pad to move freely, this will allow the polishing action to take place.
  5. After compounding, remove any residue with a clean-dry microfiber towel.
SurfACE pad recommendations for rotary polishers:
  • P1500 or finer scratches: SurfACE Fast Fix Lambswool Pad. Available sizes: 3 inch6 inch or 7 inch.
  • P1500-P3000 or finer scratches: SurfACE P-15 White Compounding Foam Pad. Available sizes: 3 inch5.5 inch or 6.5 inch.
  • P4000 or finer scratches: SurfACE P-30 Orange Polishing Foam Pad. Available sizes: 3 inch5.5 inch or 6.5 inch.
Size: 250 ml

Made in BritainP-15 XTRA is the ideal polishing compound to prep all types of paint coatings including prior to quartz and ceramic coating (glass coating). Using the correct pads you can compound and glaze with just one product!