Zirconite Panel Prep - 185 ml

Zirconite Panel Prep - 185 ml
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A super-efficient, highly-active cleaner-degreaser for coating prep and paint inspection after polishing.
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Product Details
  • Highly-active clean-degreaser for preparation of painted surfaces, wheel rims and glass prior to coating application.
  • Removes all polishing residue and oils, revealing the true results of your paint rectification process.
  • Body shop approved and compatible with all paint systems.
  • Super-efficient, buffs away easily.

Zirconite Panel-Prep is a super-efficient, highly-active cleaner-degreaser for preparation of painted surfaces, wheel rims and glass prior to coating application. What makes Panel-Prep super-efficient you ask? It's ease at being buffed away. Panel-Prep buffs away easily and works!

It is great for removing polishing oils so you can inspect the results of your paintwork rectification process. No more worrying about drop back a few days later. Panel-Prep's highly-active formula removes all traces of polishing oils and old wax to reveal the true finish of the surface.

Panel-Prep is a complex blend of alcohols, organic and biodegradable "green solvents". It contains no Hydrocarbon solvents. It provides a powerful degreasing action that avoids any attack on existing paint surfaces. It is body shop approved and is compatible with all paint systems including water-based.

How to use Zirconite Panel-Prep:

  1. Surfaces to be treated should be cool. Do not apply in direct sunlight.
  2. Spray Panel-Prep onto 1 panel at a time. Do not saturate, but ensure all areas are covered.
  3. Allow to dwell for a few seconds.
  4. Use a clean, dry microfiber towel to move Panel-Prep around the panel.
  5. While surface is still wet, use a second clean, dry microfiber towel to absorb and lift away any oils, grease, silicones, finger marks or dirt residues.
  6. Move onto the next section and repeat steps 2-5.

Tips: Do not allow Panel-Prep to flash away. Make sure the surface to be coated is completely dry prior to coating application. Panel-Prep is not recommended for use on PPF, fresh paintwork (resprays and smart repairs), plastic, rubber or vinyl. Always test for compatibility before use.

Size: 185 ml
Made in Britain

Download the Panel Prep Data Sheet Here:

Panel Prep Data Sheet